Cafes in the Brazilian Coast – Vitória, ES


Grão Especial decided to extend its vacations a little more in order to visit cafes located on other beaches. Beginning with Vitória, capital of the smallest State in the Southeast region of Brazil, Espírito Santo


City was founded in 1551, it is one of the three capital cities that are islands in Brazil, (the other two are Florianopolis and São Luís). Its was named as tribute to its former owner, Vasco Fernandes Coutinho, which decimated the Goitacases tribe in a battle. Despite such a bloody beginning, nowadays, it is a calm city. Its main beaches are Curva da Jurema, Canto and Camburi. The following is a list of the main specialty cafes in the city, all the establishments are just a few meters or minutes from the beaches sands of the Espírito Santo’s capital:

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Curva da Jurema Beach – Carnielli Cafeteria e Delicatessen

30 meters from the Curva da Jurema beach, there is the most traditional coffee shop in Vitoria, which is owned by the Carnielli family and has been producing coffee in Espírito Santo for more than 100 years. Providência farm is located in the municipality of Venda Nova do Imigrante, in the Espirito Santo’s Mountain region, and it is from there that the special coffees that are served in the café come out. In all, they produce seven different types of coffee, all of them are from the arabica variety, including special coffee micro-lots. One of the most charming ways to drink coffee is to ask for the Grandma’s Coffee option, filtered by the own client in a small cloth strainer. To harmonize, try the cheeses and the cornmeal cake, all these products comes from the farm region.

Carnielli - Cafes in the Brazilian Coast - Vitória, ES

Carnielli cafeteria is located within the Horto Mercado commercial area, just in front of the Curva da Jurema beach pier. Their second franchise unit is at the airport, and is being completely reformulated. The construction work is expected to end in March.

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Canto beach – 364 Café

Canto beach is known for its calm and waveless waters, it is the continuation of Camburi beach, with a very busy shoreline, even at night. It was here that the 364 Café’s staff decided to open the coffee shop, the newest in town.

364 - Cafes in the Brazilian Coast - Vitória, ES

With a huge variety of coffee beans options from the main producing regions of Espírito Santo, they offer special coffees from the Pedra Azul, Venda Nova do Imigrante and Caparaó regions, planted above 1000 meters of altitude. 364 Café offers, in addition to espresso, other methods of coffee extraction such as aeropress, chemex, french press, hario and clever, among others. Its owner, Carlo de Castiglioni Teodoro, bets on summer drinks such as cold brew, iced coffee and two proprietary inventions, passion brew (a cold brew made with passion fruit) and coconut brew (cold brew with coconut water).

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Jardim da Penha -Kaffa Cafeteria

Kaffa is nowhere near the beach, but it is always good to remember that Vitoria is an island and therefore, nothing is really too far from the sea. At Kaffa, the grains come from several farms in Brazil and give rise to beverages made with coffee prepared in different methods of stew.

KaffaCafe - Cafes in the Brazilian Coast - Vitória, ES

There are also courses offered to prepare filtered methods at home, in addition to selling equipment such as Chemex, Hario V60 and Aeropress. If you wish to have a meal, there are also sandwiches, salads, snacks and pies.

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Camburi beach – Café Bamboo

Camburi Beach – very close to the beach is the oldest coffee shop in Vitória, Café Bamboo, which is completing 11 years. Its owner, the former advertising professional, Djan Bastos had the idea of starting a coffee shop while living in California, South Lake Tahoe.

“As Americans love great drinks, I wanted a coffee shop that would offer, in addition to espresso, hot and cold drinks made of special coffee to help popularize the beverage. It worked greatly”, says Djan. Try the white Moka, a coffee and white chocolate beverage, and also the Nutellata, made of coffee and Nutella.

CafeBamboo - Cafes in the Brazilian Coast - Vitória, ES

Djan buys his coffee beans from a single producer, Renato Zuccolotto, from Vargem Alta, São José das Fruteiras district, Espírito Santo, since he started his business, something hard to see in the industry. Here you will find catuaís and yellow catuaís coffees.


Carnielli Cafeteria e Delicatessen

Rua Licínio dos Santos Conte, 51 – Enseada do Suá

+55 27 30141533

364 Café

Rua Chapot Presvot, 364

+55 27 96169 2130

Kaffa Café

Rua Darcy Grijó, 50, lojas 03 e 04, Jardim da Penha, Vitória

+55 27 3097 2601


Café Bamboo

Rua Afonso Cláudio, 254

+55 2730972601 facebook @cafebamboo



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